Nico Roig

3 October - 21:30h Sala Paral·lel62

We can easily find Nico Roig in different productions and collaborations with artists such as Enric Montefusco, Maria Rodés, Marcel Bagés and David Soler, Refree, Rodrigo Cuevas, Marina Rossell or Maria Coma, or in stage arts, with Agrupación Sr. Serrano and others. He also composes soundtracks, such as the short film Suc de síndria, whose song is featured on the album Yo siempre sueño que sí, or for exhibitions such as “Marte: El espejo Rojo” or “La máscara nunca miente”, held at the CCCB in Barcelona.

But what makes Nico Roig an essential artist to be watched very closely are his four solo albums and the forthcoming fifth – of which we will hear many previews. He can be defined as a risky singer-songwriter; in his concerts he takes us from crying to laughing, from subtlety to dancing, always unpredictable and hypnotic. Irony and tenderness in equal parts.

He proved it with songs like “Autobús buit” or “La iaia” and continued with the same attitude album after album until the recent Yo siempre sueño que sí,  jointly produced with Marcel Bagés and David Soler Pina.

Far from all fashion or trends, he has a great sensitivity and a very unusual musical and literary richness. This artist offers us stories, characters and reflections apparently wild; however, they are surprisingly common.

He likes to define himself ironically as a “psychological protest singer-songwriter”. Songs like “Suc de síndria”, “I què” or even his ranchera “Soy esa tonta canción” exemplify this.

“Nico Roig’s lyrics invite us to think that perhaps the singer-songwriter’s themes are not so worned-out”.
Nando Cruz (El Periódico).

Accompanied by:
Lucia Fumero: keyboards and vocals.
Clara Sorolla and Anna Jané: voices, samplers, clarinet, flute, guitars…
Cote Fournier: guitars, electronics.