2022 Edition

The Real Festival 360º Binaural Experiences is a new festival that proposes performances based on the creation and development of a new format for live music. It consists of creating sound experiences in which the public and the artists perceive the performance through 360º sound headphones (binaural sound).

Real offers a different way to hear and enjoy music. An introspective, aesthetic, silent experience that connects you with your inner self and transports you through time. An environment designed by and for the music, a space of artistic expression which intensely stimulates the senses carrying each spectator to a magical and unknown place of contemplation.

It is a particularly sensitive, intimate and close experience, where the audience-artist barrier is broken to create a union of reciprocal, intense and totally surprising communication. Each person receives, notices and feels the movements of the performers, as well as their closeness and distance from the place of action. One can hear a whisper in the ear with extraordinary and delicate subtlety, an exceptional and moving interaction never experienced before.